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PSP Connect: Automated Order to Cash & Reconciliation in Business Central 365

Order to Cash

Sales Orders can be updated, cancelled and activated/captured from within Business Central. Handles transactions from ecommerce sites and in-store purchases. Can process multiple Payment Types (eg. Instore Order Klarna, Swish and Giftcard) associated with an Order.

Cash to Reconciliation

Auto-import of PSP settlement files into Business Central. Payments are auto-matched against Sales transactions. Unmatched Payments are identified and can be processed separately or at a later date. Fees, Commissions and VAT can also be calculated and handled automatically.

PSP Integrations

PSP Connect integrates multiple Payment Service Providers with Business Central providing an end-to-end automated solution for the Order to Cash process. The solution currently supports Briqpay, Adyen, Klarna, Svea, Qliro, PayPal, Walley, Nets, Swish, PayEx, Stripe, Vipps, Shopify, CDON, AfterPay, Avarda, Computop and more. 


Productivity: process high volumes of transactions automatically and frees up key resource for high-value tasks​

Accuracy: less manual input means less errors

Transparency: track Sales transactions & Payments

Speed: process 1000s of transaction fast and easy

Control: book unreconciled transactions for future processing

Scalability: utilise multiple PSPs simultaneously

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Empowering Finance departments through automation
Automated Sales, Invoices, Payments and Reconciliation
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