Empowering Finance departments through Microsoft Dynamics NAV / Business Central Add-Ons


Automated Sales, Invoices, Payments and Reconciliation

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Ecommerce and in-store generated transaction handling



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PSP-Connect is a Microsoft Dynamics NAV / Business Central Add-On. It integrates multiple Payment Service Providers with Business Central providing an end-to-end automated solution for the Order to Cash process. The solution supports multiple Payment Providers (PSPs) including BriqpayAdyen, Klarna, Svea, QliroPayPalCollector, Nets, Swish, PayEx, Stripe, Vipps, Shopify, CDON, Ecster and more. It is available as stand-alone modules - Order To Capture (O2C) & Cash To Reconciliation (C2R).

  • Sales Orders can be updated, cancelled and activated/captured from within Business Central

  • Handles transactions from ecommerce sites and in-store purchases

  • Auto-import of PSP settlement files into Business Central

  • Payments and Refunds are auto-matched against Sales transactions such as Invoices & Credit Memos

  • Unmatched Payments are identified and can be processed separately or at a later date 

  • Fees, Commissions and VAT can also be calculated and handled automatically

  • Productivity: process high volumes of transactions automatically - free up key resource for high-value tasks​

  • Accuracy: less manual input means less errors

  • Transparency: track Sales Invoices/Credit & corresponding payments/refunds

  • Speed: process 1000s of transaction fast and easy

  • Control: book unreconciled transactions for future processing

  • Scalability: utilise multiple PSPs simultaneously

  • N3Vision is a certified Microsoft Dynamics Partner in Sweden

  • We specialise in building Add-Ons / Apps in Microsoft Dynamics Business Central

  • N3Vision has 40 years combined experience working with ERP Systems

  • We collaborate on a daily basis with a highly skilled and knowledgable network of Customers and Partners

  • Finance users in Microsoft Dynamics Business Central are free from manual, repetitive tasks to execute on high-value tasks

  • The need for manual intervention is low, accuracy is high and processing time is fast

  • Customers can rely on N3Vision Add-Ons to be robust, scalable and flexible

  • Our products are developed using Microsoft Dynamics Business Central extension base technology

  • The technology enables us to extend Business Central without having to adjust standard functionality

  • This allows faster upgrades and installs



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Enhanced Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central functionality -- Integrated with multiple PSPs -- Automated key Business processes -- Enabling Organisations to scale quickly and safely -- Freeing up Finance staff from mundane, error-prone tasks -- Facilitating the reallocation Finance staff to high value activities

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